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Nourish Life with Simon Hall

May 26, 2020

A powerful technique to clear the mind, stop racing thoughts, overwhelm, anxiety and help you sleep.


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May 24, 2020

In this episode of #NourishLifeShow join myself and Sara as we delve into the world of pleasure, connection and all forms of relationships:

  • Finding your voice
  • Vulnerability
  • Asking for what you want
  • Knowing what you like
  • Connecting with yourself and partners
  • Embracing your turn ons And so much more.....

May 20, 2020

Recently I was interviewed by Author, Peak Performance & Flow state expert Sarah Gregg for her The Power To Reinvent Channel

In this clip we discussed:

  • How to find purpose
  • How it's ok if you don't know
  • Creating a life of intention
  • Strategies to help people find their path
  • Scaling down & up purpose in the core 4 areas...

May 13, 2020

On this weeks Episode of Show join myself and AJ as we talk all things optimising the human experience.

  • The art of Biohacking & what exactly it is
  • Optimising the human experience
  • Health fundamentals
  • Multidimensional approach to human peak performance
  • The importance of looking after all aspects of you
  • The 6 Foundations...