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Nourish Life with Simon Hall

Oct 7, 2020

Join myself and Liam James Collins as we speak about his incredible real life hero's journey. From playing Tom Hardy's (Bane) body double, to delivering his mail, creating a powerful moment of life change which lead Liam to build one of the worlds largest coaching platforms. In this show we speak about: 

In this show we speak about: 

  • The change process, and how to align your life and career with what you want
  • Moments of change, the moment you decide tomorrow is going to be different
  • Becoming your own super hero & writing the story how you want it to go
  • Finding fulfilment in the service of others
  • Creating fluidity in who you are and how you show up for the wold in every area of life
  • Strategies to rewire your mindset for  personal success

As well as so much more